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Resource Center

The Centre Resource Applied Research and disability develops, disseminates and promotes knowledge obtained by applied disability research worldwide. Set up in 2012, the centre is coordinated by FIRAH.


Its missions are the following:


  • Facilitate the setting-up of collaborative applied disability research projects, bringing together researchers and stakehorlders in the field, by proposing participatory work methods.

  • Promote and disseminate new concepts and approaches on disability, to all those involved in disability research (researchers, professionals, but also adults and children with disabilities and their families).

  • Promote applied research results and knowledge, to facilitate their practical application in the field (means of application). To this end, the centre provides information on numerous completed research projects, presenting these with reading notes and giving access to the research itself (funded by FIRAH or through other schemes).


The Resource Centre provides information on current calls for projects to provide funding. It groups individual members, researchers and those involved in the field, to find potential partners for collaborative research projects.


To access the Resource Centre: logo double CR



You will find these different headings:


  • The documentary database, which holds applied research from different countries, chosen specifically to best meet the needs of those involved in the field of disability.

  • The website reference list, of numerous websites linked to applied research

  • A section presenting upcoming meetings and conferences, and previous conference proceedings or videos.