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Autism and New Technologies

The UEFA Foundation for Children supports the Autism and New Technologies Project, led by FIRAH.


Today, autism represents both a considerable challenge for our society, and an area facing many doubts and questions. The use of new technologies is being developed for the support of people with Autistic Spectrum Disorders (ASD).


This 3-year project, resulting from a collaboration between various European partners (Autism Europe, NAS UK and Ireland, Mons, Fribourg, INHSEA, Fondation Autisme Luxembourg) provides a scientific evaluation of the use of new technologies for children with ASD, from 2 to 18 years old.


Three main themes will be developed in this project:


  • Facilitate access to educational material and equipment derived from new technologies, and adapted to the specific needs of children with ASD and their families, such as robots or tablets.

  • Provide training and awareness to families and professionals, so they can better support children with ASD in the use of new technologies. Guides and on-line training will be available to all families and professionals concerned.

  • Design and carry out research projects on the needs and expectations of children with ASD and their families; with the aim of providing concrete solutions to daily problems. This will consist of evaluating the use of new technologies for children with ASD, in order to improve existing material and tools. A participatory approach will be used, involving the children, their parents and carers alongside the researchers.

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The Fondation Orange takes also part of this themes

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The Autism and New Technologies project will be implemented in 6 European countries (Belgium, France, Ireland, Luxemburg, Great Britain, Switzerland), and its results will be widely disseminated beyond these countries.


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